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Our exciting courses

Ableton Coach essentials

Ableton Coach Essentials

A complete 'step by step' guide to learning Ableton and making your great song idea reality

Ableton Coach Essentials

39 lessons - 6 Hrs : 6 Mins
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The ultimate music production blueprint

The Ultimate Music Production Course Blueprint

Learn everything about Ableton Music Production with virtual classes as you need them. Everything from recording, editing, mixing, songwriting & music theory with live support.


121 lessons - 18 Hrs :42 Mins
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Wyatt Pavlik is a well rounded music producer, sound designer and audio guru. With over seven years of consistent music production and audio related projects on the go, he is able to take on anything that comes his way. As a graduate from the iconic “Icon Collective College Of Music” in Los Angeles, California. Wyatt has the skills to help you improve your music and workflow.

Wyatt has had many releases within the electronic music scene and has been DJ’ing for over ten years, making him familiar with music and the scene itself. Wyatt creates his own music and mixes and masters all his work, every genre and track has its own unique process and tools to make it come to life.

Aside from creating and releasing his own music,  he has helped countless other artists refine their sound and production quality. As an avid listener to electronic music and an enthusiastic producer, he is able to help with any aspects of music production and audio from setting up your microphone properly, to mixing, mastering and more.

Great course..I really learned a lot and will refer to it often I found the courses very detailed and well structured. An emphasis on the practical too.
Adam S
The course materials were very knowledgeable and thorough. The tutor was great and made it easy to learn everything.The TGA team are always aware that students skills are varied from beginners to higher up and still made it easy and fun. Excellent course!
DJ Mickey J
This course has unlocked the mystery of sound design and synths, not just in Ableton, but also for real-world synths and synths in other DAWs. I am so glad I took this course and highly recommend it.