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Have you always wanted to create that killer song make music, but don’t know where to start? 

Opening up Ableton Live can can be very intimidating. With such a powerful piece of software, it can be hard to know how and where to get started!

We provide you with numerous tips and tricks, building your confidence and speeding up your workflow throughout the course so you can feel comfortable and excited to make music.

This course has been designed in a way so that it is suitable for beginners to intermediate producers, but as it progresses we go into more advanced features deepening your Music Production skills for even some of the more advanced producers. Keep coming back to the content over and over again.  And as you learn your coach is available to answer any questions you may have … NOW thats different!



What you will need before you start

A Working PC, Laptop, iMac or MacBook
  • Ableton Live 11 software (preferably Ableton Live Suite) * see note below
  • A Basic Understanding of Music is desirable, but not necessary
  • Basic Music Production Skills are desirable, but not necessary

    NOTE:  Some of the features we discuss in this course will only be available for Ableton Live 11 Suite, but many of the features can still be used with all editions of Ableton Live 11 (Lite, Intro, and Standard).  

    You will also be able to follow along with the majority of this course if you are using previous versions of Ableton Live, such as Ableton Live 10.

    You can try Ableton live 11 suite for free, for 90 days within this course.


It's all in here !

  • 1 – Getting started in Ableton/Brief overview/what to expect(Navigating inside Ableton)(very basic) 7:39
  • 2 – Setting up your interface, keyboard and microphone 6:04
  • 3 – Preferences (Audio Drivers/Buffer size/sample rate/Latency) 5:58
  • 4 – Adjusting the grid 3:17
  • 5 – Shortcut keys and their importance 7:46
  • 6 – Saving/exporting 4:42
  • 1 – Channel/Track controls (panning, volume control, record arm, etc) 7:39
  • 2 – Sends and returns 12:48
  • 3 – Project Tempo and metronome 10:17
  • 4 – Audio VS MIDI 6:17
  • 5 – Recording Audio 7:09
  • 6 – Audio warping 17:09
  • 7 – Clip Settings & Envelopes 14:10
  • 8 – Recording Midi 4:13
  • 9 – Editing Midi 24:36
  • 10 – Punch in and Punch out Recording 8:40
  • 11 – Audio & MIDI Clip Editing 12:05
  • 12 – Vocal & Audio comping/Take lanes 6:47
  • 13 – Slice to Midi/Midi Conversions 9:15
  • 14 – Writing drums ( humanizing drums) 16:06
  • 15 – Arrangement View 2:55
  • 16 – Workflow – session view 10:19
  • 17- Follow Actions (Session View) 17:58
  • 18 – Getting organized (renaming clips/grouping) 8:39
  • 19 – Creating a template 4:00
  • 20 – Midi & key mapping 9:08
  • 21 – Signal flow and routing 19:45
  • 22 – Automation 16:53

Not available in this course.

Included in the Ultimate Ableton Music Production Blueprint Course.

4.3 – Analog 10:22

A complete version of Lesson 4 is available in the full course “Ultimate Ableton Music Production Blueprint” 

1 – Arpeggiator 9:20

13 – Velocity 5:57

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ABLETON RACKS- We include Ableton Racks to help your workflow and improve music production & unlike others we never leave you by yourself. Reach out to your instructor anytime for any questions you may have.

Wyatt Pavlik

Your Ableton essentials Coach

Wyatt Pavlik is a well rounded music producer, sound designer and audio guru. With over seven years of consistent music production and audio related projects on the go, he is able to take on anything that comes his way. As a graduate from the iconic “Icon Collective College Of Music” in Los Angeles, California. Wyatt has the skills to help you improve your music and workflow.

Wyatt has had many releases within the electronic music scene and has been DJ’ing for over ten years, making him familiar with music and the scene itself. Wyatt creates his own music and mixes and masters all his work, every genre and track has its own unique process and tools to make it come to life.

Aside from creating and releasing his own music,  he has helped countless other artists refine their sound and production quality. As an avid listener to electronic music and an enthusiastic producer, he is able to help with any aspects of music production and audio from setting up your microphone properly, to mixing, mastering and more.

Ableton Coach Essentials

Great course..I really learned a lot and will refer to it often I found the courses very detailed and well structured. An emphasis on the practical too.
Adam S
The course materials were very knowledgeable and thorough. The tutor was great and made it easy to learn everything. The TGA team are always aware that students skills are varied from beginners to higher up and still made it easy and fun. Excellent course!
DJ Mikey J
This course has unlocked the mystery of sound design and synths, not just in Ableton, but also for real-world synths and synths in other DAWs. I am so glad I took this course and highly recommend it.